Courses offered 2022-2023

CEE 241 / ENVE 140 Water Quality

Principles of chemical equilibrium applicable to natural water systems and water and waste treatment processes. Chemical thermodynamics. Characteristics of acid/base, gas/liquid, solid/liquid, and oxidation/reduction equilibria. Computer models for chemical speciation. Offered in Fall quarter 2018. For the course syllabus click below: 

ENVR 160C  Environmental Engineering Lab

Consists of laboratory exercises in environmental engineering. Includes experiments in physical measurements, water quality, and unit operations and processes. Emphasis is on experimental design, analysis of results, and preparation of engineering reports. Offered in Winter 2019. For last year's course syllabus click below:


CEE 226 / ENVR 121  Biological Unit Processes

Basic reactions, design principles, current design models, and operational considerations for biological treatment systems used in environmental engineering. Applications include activated sludge design and optimization, fixed film reactors, nitrification, nitrogen removal, phosphorus removal, anaerobic treatment, biogas production, resource recovery, and toxic organics removal. Offered in Spring 2019. For last year's course syllabus click below: