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A new desalination concentration treatment technology

A new desalination concentration treatment technology. Check our team's recent publication on desalination concentrate treatment. This new treatment train opens new possibilities for water and resource recoveries from otherwise an environmental hazardous waste stream.

A novel discovery on the control of hexavalent chromium release from drinking water distribution system

A novel discovery on the control of hexavalent chromium release from drinking water distribution system. Check our team's recent publication on the discovery of a new chemical strategy to prevent hexavalent chromium release from drinking water distribution system. This novel discovery opens new possibilities for water industry to better manage aging drinking water distribution systems...

PFAS destruction technology receives a grant for commercialization

PFAS destruction technology selected for UCR POC grant. Our team is “marching toward commercialization” with help from a proof-of-concept (POC) grant from UCR’s Office of Technology Partnership to scale up the IP-protected PFAS destruction technology. More information is here.

Pollution cleanup method destroys toxic “forever chemicals

A new PFAS destruction technology. Check our most recent publication on the patent-protected PFAS destruction technology to treat contaminated water. It is one of the top most downloaded articles. The new technology opens possibilities to get rid of the "forever chemicals" from different water sources! Also check the UCR Press Release on this break-through technology!
2019 ESWRT Antiscalants

New insight on desalination concentrate chemistry is published in ES:WR&T 

Our recent discovery on the significant effects of antiscalant chemicals in membrane desalination concentrate is accepted by E nvironmental Science: Water Research & Technology. The article shines light on the important role antiscalants, and provides a paradigm shift in managing membrane concentrate for resource recovery. Congrats to Tushar who led the experimental effort! Check the...
2019 AWWA Cr

Lead corrosion chemistry is published in ES:WR&T. 

Our recent work on the redox stability of lead minerals in drinking water distribution systems is accepted by Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. Outcome from this article points to important strategies to control lead corrosion and release in drinking water distribution systems. Check the article here.
LIu group

Multiple award-winning news in our group!

Our group receives multiple best paper awards and individual awards during the first quarter of 2019! Our paper published in Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology and titled “ Cyto- and Geno-Toxicity of 1,4-Dioxane and Its Transformation Products during Ultraviolet-Driven Advanced Oxidation Processes”, has been chosen as the Runner-Up Best Paper of 2018. Another paper...
2019 WR

Novel desalination concentrate treatment technology is published in Water Research. 

Our recent work on an innovative approach to treat membrane desalination concentrate using persulfate photolysis is accepted by Water Research. Congratulations to Zhi Wang who led the experimental effort! Check the article here.
2019 AWWA Cr

Recent work on a full-scale and novel hexavalent chromium treatment is published. 

Our recent work on a full-scale implementation of innovative stannous reductive treatment of hexavalent chromium from groundwater is accepted for publication by American Water Works Association (AWWA) Water Science Journal! This is the first successful full-scale testing of a new chromium control technology in drinking water. This study results from collaborations with Coachella Valley Water...
2018 EST Nitrate

New nitrate removal technology article accepted by Environmental Science & Technology.

Our most recent research work on the development of a new nitrate removal technology is accepted by Environmental Science & Technology. Congratulations to Gongde on leading the experimental work, and collaborations with Dr. Phil Christopher's group on nitrogenous gas measurements! Check the article here.
EST Review

Prof. Liu receives an Excellent in Review Award from Environmental Science & Technology

Prof. Liu receives an “Excellence in Review” award from the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. This award recognize the top 1% reviewers in 2018 who have consistently returned careful, thoughtful reviews to ES&T, a leading journal in the filed of environmental engineering. Check the announcement here.
Michelle AWWA

PhD alumnus from Prof. Liu's group receives a First Place PhD Dissertation Award from American Water Works Association!

Michelle Chebeir, who graduated from Prof. Liu's group in 2017 won a First Place Dissertation Award from the American Water Works Association's California-Nevada section. Michelle's dissertation focuses on the chemistry of hexavalent chromium and its control strategies in drinking water. Congratulations! Check the UCR Today press release here.
NSF logo

Prof. Liu's group receives funding from NSF

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awards our group a grant to provide industrial research internship opportunities for graduate students. This project, funded by the Directorate for Engineering of NSF, will enable the collaboration between our group and water utilities in Southern California to strengthening graduate education and training in the water sector.

Dr. Liu recognized at faculty Awards Reception

Dr. Liu is among a group of UCR’s faculty who were recognized at the 2017-2018 Faculty Awards Reception. The celebration, held by the Chancellor and the Provost, recognized UCR faculty members who received significant national awards in the past academic school year.

Our recent work on water reuse technology is featured in UCR Today Magazine

Water reuse technology developed from our lab on the removal of trace organic contaminants is featured by UCR Today. Check out the video and the press release here.

Prof. Liu's group receives funding from Department of Interior

Our group receives funding from the Desalination and Water Purification Program within the Department of Interior. The project aims to develop pilot-scale innovative water reuse and desalination treatment. Read the press release here.

Student wins best paper award

Congratulations to PhD student Gongde in winning the best student paper award at the 2018 Los Angeles Environmental Forum! Gongde will present his award-winning research work on photochemical nitrate reductive technology at the annual conference organized by the LA Environmental Forum.

Prof. Liu's group receives funding from NSF

The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds Dr. Liu's group to combine computational techniques with laboratory measurements to understand changes in chemical reactions that occur in wastewater during treatment and reuse. Our project will be a collaborative effort with Dr. Bryan Wong's group at UCR.

Collaboration paper on gold nanoparticles is accepted

Our collaborative work with UCR mechanical engineers on the synthesis of gold nanoparticles is accepted by Nanoscale. Congratulations to all! Check the article here.

Chromium paper accepted by ES&T

Our manuscript on the discovery of a novel pathway to control toxic chromium occurrence in drinking water is accepted by Environmental Science & Technology. Congrats to Michelle! Check the article here.